Smile for the camera

Hello, friends!

Recently, a friend/former classmate asked if I would be interested in writing for a small online publication called The Gospel Economist. When my first article posted earlier this week, several people asked if I had decided to switch over to Medium as my blogging outlet. Nope! While I will be contributing to The Gospel Economist on Medium, I will also continue to post here on WordPress. I absolutely love writing this little blog, and I appreciate each and every one of you readers.

P.S. Need more blog suggestions? Check out these blogs written by Kyle Jones and Emilie Finke, and be sure to look for their articles on The Gospel Economist in the upcoming weeks.

P.P.S. Head on over to Medium to read my first article, called Candid Grace. Spoiler alert: I talk about how awesome my husband is. Double spoiler alert: I also talk about how awesome Jesus is.

Okay, folks. It’s that time of year again – time for the 2nd annual Fraker family portraits! Thank you to Alison Beck for her stunning photos, as usual, and for driving across the Walburg countryside for a solid hour. So, without further ado…

frakes3.jpgfrakes2.jpgfrakes1.jpgfrakes6.jpgfrakerfam 2.jpg

Love to all from Jon, Emily, and Penny! ❤


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